42 Dugg & MoneyBagg Yo Drop Remix To "Habit"

Written by on June 20, 2020

42 Dugg recently dropped the deluxe version of Young And Turnt 2 which just so happens to have a high-octane remix to the song that became such a big hit, called “Habit.” On this track, 42 Dugg offers up a ton of energy and some reflection on all of his most indulgent and toxic habits. For this “Habit” remix, he has enlisted none other than MoneyBagg Yo to help him out.

As you can imagine, this remix is just as energetic as the original and you can’t help but want to turn up to this one. The track takes you on a wild ride and MoneyBagg Yo does a great job when it comes to offering up some extra energy.

Definitely give this one a spin if you’re looking to feel like a king.

Quotable Lyrics:

Five hunnid thou’, still, I’d never pay to fuck her (Bitch)
Five main bitches, just don’t ever say I’m cuffin’ (At all)
Five pills in, still yelling, “Free my brother” (Free dem boys)
It’s a little loose, still would never catch me slippin’ (Skrrt)

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