In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death, 50 Cent made a commitment to the Mamba Mentality and vowed that he wouldn’t argue with anyone ever again. Considering Fif’s legitimately made a career off of arguing and trolling people, it sounded near-impossible, though many applauded the sentiment. Surely, that didn’t last long and he and Michael Blackson roasted Floyd Mayweather’s outfit. It was later reported that he punched French Montana in Miami which the “Unforgettable” rapper denied.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Fif still has some ongoing feuds with people but it appears that he’s still trying not to argue with anyone. The rapper took a major W yesterday when the judge awarded him an additional $5K in his legal battle with Teairra MariThe Blast reports. An L.A. judge ordered Teairra Mari to cough up $5,295.50 in sanctions in addition to the money she already owes him. The judge also demanded that she turn over her financial records in order to finally receive the $30K she owes him in lawyer fees.

Following mild criticism for trolling Floyd Mayweather, Fif is still committed to being a little kinder to people, including his foes. He toned down Fofty’s famous catchphrase for something a little less aggressive. “I’m not arguing anymore, so do you think you can have my Money by Monday,” he wrote alongside a screenshot of the article of his win.