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An Independent Rapper Who Doles Out Fine Renditions

Written by on July 31, 2017

Peppaboy Trill McCoy is Colacoast Entertainment LLC’s star independent rapper. He is a sporty, independent Southern rapper and a zesty lyricist. His music is a flamboyant mix of innovative tunes. His harsh upbringing in Florida is manifested in the songs that he mostly composes and produces himself.

His songs are a reflection of his severe childhood days and the lavish schools where he received his education. He is one of the independent rappers who make your body sway to their beautiful tunes. His music is profound and leaves a lasting impact. Peppa is not just a rapper. He is performer who has perfected the art of rapping with dedication and by fine-tuning the nuances of music.

He is an independent label artist who is good at doling out excellent lyrics. He is also adept at blending classical music with blues and jazz or pop. You will be all ears when you hear his unusual mix of rock guitar with a church organ or with a thump of 808 drums. Each song that he doles out has a distinct entity and no one song is like the other.

Peppa may be still learning the ropes of the music industry but has already carved a niche for himself. You will be amazed how people go crazy hearing his tunes. He is a crowd-puller for sure who makes heads turn when he comes on stage. His independent rap is so powerful that he has a number in his name which has been dubbed by Snoop Dogg.

Peppa was already riding high with hits like “Bonafide”, “Jukin”, and “Wang”. The independent rapper has reached new heights of stardom with his new single “Waves on Da Top”. He first tasted success with Gucci Mane in 2009. Another show that made him popular was Bankhead’s Club Crucial in Atlanta. He was also selected to showcase his talent at the BET Hip Hop Awards New Artist Showcase in 2009. He is also gaining popularity as a choreographer for his uncanny kane-twirling abilities.

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