André 3000 is one of hip-hop’s most beloved figures of all time but also one of the most mysterious. Generally speaking, André 3000 isn’t someone who’s constantly in the limelight or even accessible to paparazzi in the same way as other rappers. Whenever he’s spotted in public, it’s a random sighting and typically, he has a large smile on his face. Over the weekend, Jeff Staple, head of NYC Agency Staple Design, caught up with André 3000 for lunch and blessed the timeline with footage of their initial encounter. André 3000 rocks a massive smile from ear-to-ear along with a flute in his hand as he compliments Staple’s attire. 

At this point, it seems safe to say that André 3000 doesn’t go outside without his flute. There have been several times where he’s been spotted playing his flute in public. He was spotted at an airport last year, and later in Philly with the flute in his hand. Others have claimed to have even seen him playing the instrument inside of a Starbucks, and a yoga class.

Regardless of whether we ever see the day he drops a solo album, it’s always great to see André 3000 in good spirits.

Check out the wholesome clip of André 3000 and his flute below.