Aside from being an Instagram model, Ari Fletcher is known for having dated G Herbo and for currently dating Moneybagg Yo. She is also admired for having a insane figure, which is regularly flaunted on her IG feed. On Sunday (Feb. 16), she took the thirst-trapping to the next level by posting a mirror selfie in some elaborate undergarments. 

Her ass is fully exposed in the photo, providing her 2.7 million followers with the opportunity to appreciate it and, also, validate its authenticity. If you aren’t to discern whether it’s organic or not, you might have to just take Ari’s word for it. “This ass is homegrown. It’s not up for debate,” she asserts in the caption. Unsurprisingly, there are some skeptics in the comments calling cap. “The doctors name must be Homegrown,” one well-liked comment reads. A few people even alleged that the surgeon responsible for Ari’s booty already advertised this piece of work in the past. “Girl we already know who did your surgery, give it up,” one wrote. Another wondered, “Do you think if you keep saying it we’ll believe you?”

There was recently speculation that Ari and Moneybagg Yo had broken up after a video of them fighting in the streets of Miami became public material. Following that, Ari left a comment on one of the rapper’s posts that suggested she had enough of him. However, the two spent a romantic Valentine’s Day together, so those rumors can be put to rest for the time being.