. The roots of hip-hop actually go end as at a great distance as the West African culture of the 1700′s which was brought in from another place to the United States by the slaves who were gained by personal exertion from West Africa and sent to exert oneself in the cotton plantations of the […]

The USWNT has yet to unfold their fists. According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, the pending lawsuit filed by the USWNT against the U.S. Soccer Federation has reached some middle ground. As Rachel Bachman writes, the Federation and the 28 players currently listed on the National Team, will sit down for mediation […]

Blueface is dodging parental units in “Daddy” video. After sharing his newest “Daddy” track, featuring Rich The kid, Blueface and his collaborator have returned to star in a new clip attached to the cut. In the new video for “Daddy,” the narrative painted by the song persists as Blueface’s love interest enjoys a life showered […]

The watch was sold at Bonhams’ best-ever Fine Wristwatches sale. A super-rare 1947 Patek Philippe ref 1518 has been sold for approximately $422,000 USD at the auction company, Bonhams’, best-ever Fine Wristwatches sale. The combined sales from the auction raked in a total of $3.3 million, and saw such pieces as the yellow/gold wrist wach of the mentioned Patek Philippe […]

K Camps delivers “Lottery” clip. If you ever want to know how well a song slaps, put it on in a room full of dancers and just watch how they cut up to it. Such was the experiment as the root of K Camp‘s latest “Lottery” video as the Atlanta-grown hyphenate recruited a healthy share […]

Stro has been dropping off singles on a week to week basis as part of his Grade A Fridays series. As expected, the weekly series has been compiled into a mixtape for fans to enjoy all the vibes in one place. Entitled Last Friday, Stro’s latest tape comes in two forms. The Brooklyn rapper dropped both a “legal” and “illegal” […]

Ever dreamt of a teddy bear adorned with the Sniper Gang insignia? Just yesterday, Kodak Black added a specially-designed “teddy bear” to his online store. Selling at the bloated price of $50, the fuzzy collectible inevitably sold out its limited production order, in 4 hour’s time. The capsule item first appeared on Kodak’s Sniper Gang […]

Are we heading back into the Matrix? The Matrix movies were the pinnacle of sci-fi action films in the early 2000’s. Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne did their thing as Neo and Morpheus, two heroes that rescued humanity from the plight of the machines. Although the end to the Matrix trilogy left many unfinished stories, the Wachowski Brothers have not […]

The celebrated streetwear label returns with their new collection “The Return Of Icarus.” Acclaimed streetwear giant BAPE (A BATHING APE) has released a new collection full of “retro sci-fi” denim and patch-laden T-shirts for their Spring/Summer 2020 edition. Titled “The Return of Icarus,” the capsule is made up of nine different, essential items, including a jacket, shirt, […]

They’re giving makeovers to your favorite TBT’s. Over the course of the years, and as technology keeps progressively getting better and better, old throwback visuals that were once so dear to us, start to appear even more dated and low quality. So most of you will be glad to hear that Universal Records and YouTube […]

While the world has been preoccupied with drops from the likes of Gucci Mane and Lil Nas X this weekend, West Coast producer Khao was quietly dropping off the posse cut that dreams are made of with his newest offering “Unified.” The stacked new track is exclusive to West Coast entries with a complete lineup […]

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