Boosie BadAzz Has Instagram Account Deleted for a Second Time

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Looks like Boosie BadAzz has to start another Instagram following from scratch after the second official page he created, @boosienewig, appears to have been deleted.

On Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 3), Boosie hopped on Twitter to called out Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, to lament about his page being deleted for a second time.

“They took my IG AGAIN SMH AINT EVEN DO SHIT SPam @mosseri HES A BITCH,” the Baton Rouge, La. rapper wrote this morning.


Boosie BadAzz‘s page being taken off of IG comes after the rapper did a livestream on his page, sharing his thoughts on DaBaby being removed from a number of festival performances—including Lollapalooza, The Governors Ball and Day N Vegas—following the homophobic comments Baby made about gay men, people with HIV, AIDS and more at Rolling Loud Miami last month.

Boosie said during the IG Live session, “It’s sad on how y’all trying to force this gay stuff on the world, it’s sad. How y’all tryin’ to ban artists, y’all sad, bro. It’s sad, bro. In 10 years, it ain’t gon’ be normal for a kid to be straight. It’s sad, bro.”

The Louisiana artist continued: “Y’all tryin’ to force it on these kids, bro. You pushin’ on the artists. Pushin’ it on all of the biggest artists. You know why? ’Cause the kids love those artists. You attacking these kids. The kids love these artists. So we are going to make them promote all of this shit. We are going to make them promote it and who are going to follow? The kids.”

Boosie added, “It’s sad, bro. It’s sad, bro. God is doing backflips right now.”

Before this, The Goat Talk 3 rapper defended DaBaby’s remarks in another social media rant while referring to Lil Nas X as a homophobic slur. Boosie vocalized his anger in regards to Nas X tweeting about performing nude at the upcoming 2021 MTV Video Music Awards with Jack Harlow. Boosie even went as far as saying he’d harm Nas X if the Georgia-bred rapper were to hit the stage, without clothing, while Boosie was in the audience.

Last week, Boosie BadAzz pleaded with Adam Mosseri to reinstate his original Instagram page after it had been removed during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic because of Boosie’s violations to Instagram’s nudity policy. On the morning of July 27, Mosseri made an appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club morning show and explained why Boosie’s initial IG page had been taken down.

“We gotta draw the line somewhere,” Mosseri said. “It’s the nudity policy. We try to be clear. You can appeal, but if you get too many strikes things happen.”

Shortly after, Boosie inquired via IG, “How the hell my Instagram was took ’cause of nudity? It was took ’cause of fuckin’ racism, that’s why it was took.”

In a separate video, Boosie asked, “Adam Mosseri, can you give me my page back? Y’all gave her her page back, can you give me my page back? Before that my page was never taken away from me. You done gave everybody their page back, give me another chance. Give me my official Boosie page back with my 10.5 million followers so I can help feed my family some more.”

He continued, “Do y’all think about the hurt that y’all cause people’s family when y’all take their page and you give somebody else their page back who don’t have no followers back. You should give me my page back.”

Boosie BadAzz has opined quite a bit and it’s unclear if Boosie will get his Instagram page back this time.

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