He has decades of a successful career under his belt, so Busta Rhymes has seen how hip hop has evolved firsthand. The rapper recently shared his long-awaited project Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God. Busta is a well-respected artist who has a number of acclaimed projects under his belt, and in a recent interview with NPR, he spoke about creating a “full album experience” where he uses interludes and skits as well as songs to convey his vision. It’s something that he’s noticed that the newer generation of hip hop doesn’t utilize as often.

Brian Ach / Stringer / Getty Images

“That’s what I come from. That’s what I miss,” said the rap icon. “And I think that’s something that this generation needs to experience in the right way now: the experience and the importance of understanding what it is to treat yourself to an incredible, cohesive body of work.” Busta was asked about how he feels about what he’s hearing from this new generation of rap artists.

“I embrace everything with grace, because when I was trying to get on in the beginning, you know, we took from the influences and the elder statesmen before us,” he said. “We took from it and tried to make it our own. But of course, in the process of trying to make it your own, you do certain things different, in a way that some of the elder statesmen might not be willing to accept.”

Busta also added that there were people who didn’t accept his style and artistry when he was on the rise, but instead of conforming, he was driven to succeed even more so.