Chloe Flower is the pianist who introduced Cardi’s “Money” performance at the 2019 Grammy awards, showing off her skills on the bedazzled piano leading to her viral love. Chloe has since dropped off a new tune dubbed “Get What U Get” and it looks like maybe, just maybe, one of her next songs could have Cardi B attached to it. 

Chloe chatted with PEOPLE and detailed a dinner she attended with Cardi just one after her Grammy performance and how they were both down to collab together. “I would love to collab with her,” she said. “You know the night after the Grammy’s I saw her at dinner and she was like ‘we have to do a song.'” Chloe told Cardi that she wanted to do a “women’s empowerment” song.

“She was like ‘I’m in,’ so hopefully we’ll get that done soon,” she added. 


Anything Cardi touches seemingly turns to gold and considering she just won this year’s Songwriter of the Year Award, whatever’s up next for Cardi will be a hit. 

“I just want to say I’m very grateful,” she told the audience, “Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing too much because when it comes to female rappers, it’s like you’re never doing too much or they’re always pitting you against another female rapper. People on my team are like ‘Cardi, you’re crazy. You won a Grammy. Cardi, all your songs are charting.’