Bronx rapper Cardi B and fellow New York emcee Nicki Minaj have been engaged in a long-standing feud After a highly publicized altercation at a New York Fashion Week event where Nicki Minaj allegedly spoke negatively about Cardi’s young daughter Kulture (a claim Minaj has staunchly denied), it seemed that even the most sensitive of subject matter was no longer off limits. Recent comments by Cardi’s younger sister, television personality Hennessy Carolina, indicate that even more boundaries have been crossed.

In a post that has since been deleted, Hennessey went into depth about just how storied the feud truly is, and its far-reaching consequences. Posting screenshots of alarmingly aggressive texts from strangers to Cardi’s phone, Henny wrote, “Ya asking why I’m beefing with a fan base but ya not asking why someone with so much influence would use their influence to manipulate their fans to spread so much negativity and hate!” She went on suggest that Minaj was behind the attacks against Cardi claiming, “She leaked my sister’s number to her fan pages the same shit she did to Mariah Lynn,” she wrote, purportedly alluding to the Queen artist. “It’s easy for y’all to ask me why I’m bothered, why I care so much. But not one of you is waking up to death threats every day, made up stories that can effect my real life and real relationships.”

Catch the post below.