Chris Brown Hit With $2 Million Lawsuit

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Chris Brown is facing legal trouble as a bank has filed a lawsuit against him, seeking $2 million in unpaid funds related to his pursuit of two Popeyes franchise restaurants. The lawsuit alleges that the bank specifically extended a financial loan to Brown to acquire these two restaurants. However, the bank claims their attempts to collect the outstanding debt have gone unanswered.

Chris Brown


Chris Brown is currently facing a lawsuit due to unpaid funds. The lawsuit, filed in Georgia, alleges that the City National Bank specifically extended a financial loan to Brown in 2018 to acquire these two restaurants. However, years later, the bank claims their attempts to collect the outstanding debt have yet to be answered.

The R&B sensation’s financial and legal affairs drew attention, with fans and followers expressing various reactions to the news. One user wrote, “Part of me wants to forget I ever read this and another part of me wants this to become a documentary.” 


As of February 17, 2023, CNB asserts that Brown, along with any guarantors involved, and is liable for a total sum of $2,140,901.74, which includes the unpaid principal amount and accrued interest. The bank contends that Chris Brown personally guaranteed the loan, making him responsible for repaying the substantial sum. 

According to the filed documents, the bank provided Brown with a $2 million loan, alongside several other individuals, including singer and songwriter, The Dream. This financial arrangement aimed to “invest in two Popeyes restaurants.” 

While the lawsuit originated in Georgia, the City National Bank has chosen to file the case in the Los Angeles Courts due to Brown’s residence in that area. However, the singer will face a legal battle, as Georgia has already entered a judgment in favor of the bank. The bank asserts that Chris Brown owes a substantial amount totaling $1,314,367.40.

Moreso, this is not the first time Chris Brown has found himself in legal trouble. Previously, his dog Hades was accused of mauling his ex-worker’s sister in 2021, resulting in a lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages. Legal issues continue to follow the artist.

Celebrities often catch themselves in legal whirlwinds, and Chris Brown is not alone. Rapper 6ix9ine has recently been involved in a “vape wars” lawsuit, entangling two companies he had partnered with.

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