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todayAugust 28, 2018

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What’s so good?

Australian electronic pop duo Chymes continue to impress with their latest release, “Wild,” gaining rave reviews from music publications worldwide. The beguiling composition from the duo of producer Cameron Taylorand and singer songwriter Kiersten Nyman features dreamy electronica and Nyman’s lush vocals. 

The track was released with an accompanying film clip shot in and around their hometown Sydney. Speaking on the video the band said:

We wanted the video to feel personal, since we don’t have a music video with ourselves in it. We were documenting the weeks leading up to the completion of the song and the home-video style footage we had felt really nice and suited the atmosphere of the song. The video kind of depicts what our lives have been like lately – writing, performing, travelling and we are excited to share that with people.

To celebrate the release Chymes have been kind enough to curate a playlist for us. Not only have they selected 10 tracks that have inspired or influenced them, they’ve also gone in depth about why each song means something to them. Below you can check out their thoughts while listening to the playlist, which also includes the amazing “Wild.” 

1. Refs – “Fool”

This song!!! So, so good. We totally vibe off this song and it’s our favourite song of the year. The melody is insane and it blows our mind when we really think about how well the chords and percussion fit so well with the melody and phrasing of the lyrics. Perrrrfect. And his voice!

2. AQUILO – “Thin”

We are a real big fan of this track. We love the folksy fingerpicking guitar and the vocals are deliciously textured and delicate. When the drums kick in with the synths the whole track takes a new life building right till the end. Such a nice journey for the listener.

3. ZAYN – “Entertainer”

This track has such a fresh sound. We love his vocal delivery in this song it’s quite different to some of his other more pop songs. We love a delicate pre-chorus build and chorus that is understated but super satisfying. The phrasing is addictive. Whenever we listen to it, it’s the only thing we can think of the rest of the day.

4. Bulow – “Not A Love Song”

Seriously love! Puts us in a good mood. One of our favourites. The production is sooo cool, it’s just so satisfying and ticks all our boxes. The lyrics are cute and flirty and the track as a whole is very attention grabbing.

5. R I T U A L – “Josphine”

The atmosphere for this track really pulls you in. We love the subtle groove and way instruments come and go without the texture of the track changing. The vocals have really creative and interesting effects on them too.

6. MUTO – “Tessellating”

This ones a bit of a banger! It’s such a strong moment when that first chorus hits. The movement of the filter on the synths is really dynamic and musical and gets us going. We also really love all the subtle production details in the verses.

7. Sasha Sloan – “Ready Yet”

This one has such a beautiful vibe to it. The lyrics are very real and the production supports the vocal in the best way without building too much. The dynamics in this song are also killer.

8. Folded Like Fabric – “Hunting For Reason”

This songs from another world. Such a lazy groove and the vocals are delightfully dreamy. The chorus just swallows you whole. Another favourite track to get lost in.

9. Chymes – “Wild”

This is our favorite song we we’ve heard from the band Chymes yet! The vocals sit in this little ice-cream Sunday like a cherry on top and the delicate jungle like production is the generous serving of hot chocolate sauce with some crushed hazelnuts sprinkled on top. A yummy dessert from your local ice cream shop. 10/10 would recommend.

10. Shallou – “You And Me”

We have such a soft spot for this song. It’s the kind of track you can have on repeat and suits pretty much every occasion. The song really pushes along with a lot of energy whilst still being able to stay delicate and fun. It does a particularly good job of keeping you trapped in the songs world with sonic spaces constantly changing throughout each section. We suspect this song will continue to inspire us for quite some time!!

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