Young love can be fickle, and it’s a lesson that Coi Leray and Trippie Redd learned the hard way. The former couple were once displaying their affections on social media, but when things took a turn, the world bore witness to the demise of their relationship. Coi Leray was recently a guest on No Jumper where she spoke about her former flame and how she feels about the dissolution of their romance.

Amy Sussman / Stringer / Getty Images

Coi Leray was asked if she regrets being introduced to the hip hop world as the girlfriend of Trippie Redd. She said no. “At the end of the day, that’s who I f*ckin’ dated and it was public,” she said. “I don’t expect nobody—he’s a star. He’s a big dude out here.” However, when things went downhill, Trippie would go on to name a song after his ex during their messy breakup. It’s something that Coi Leray laughs about now.

“At first, no, I didn’t like it. It was very like, what the f*ck, because I always thought we really had something outside of the music,” she said. “So I’m just like, damn. If you got something to say, let’s get together and you say that sh*t to my face… I felt like I’m being used for click bait. He’ll sell out with or without me, but at that point I just felt like he coulda just called me, you coulda just hit me, DM’d whoever, emailed. You coulda got the message the f*ck out there because we’re very connected. You ain’t have to go ‘head and put me down like that in a song.”

She called the song and what Trippie said about her “bullsh*t,” but she respects him as an artist. “Just like me, I’mma put my feelings in a song and my emotions in a song and he does it very well, and that’s one thing I gotta give to him.” Check out Coi Leray’s interview with No Jumper below.