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We want to spin your music!
DISNDATRADIO is dedicated to sharing the hottest independent music we get with the world, so here’s how it works. You submit your music, we check it out, if it’s hot, we spin it in an upcoming episode of the show, Allowing you to be heard by all kinds of people around the world!
Why do we do it? Because we love music and we understand how biased mainstream radio is these days. We exist to support real, passionate, driven artists who truly have talent.
So how do you submit your music?

Email your song to us at SUBMIT@DISNDATRADIO.COM with the following info (so we can read it to our listeners on the air)
Your Name/Stage Name
Song Title
City / State or Province / Country
Website / MySpace / Twitter address
Any interesting notes or info on you
Failure to include all the above info, could mean we may not spin your track, so make sure you send us all your info!