Dizzee Rascal Goes Hard On "Fire In The Booth Freestyle"

Written by on November 2, 2020

Dizzee Rascal has bars on bars, but he put his skill on full display on another level for Fire In The Booth. Charlie Sloth’s popular freestyle segment was thrust into the upmost levels of the limelight when Drake graced the series, however, Dizzee drops bars to make you forget the Canadian’s appearance. The lyrical slaughter begins as soon as the rapper starts, and he embarks on a monstrous double-time flow. 

The hype-drill instrumental is the perfect backdrop for Dizzee to squeeze as many words into bars as he can, using the energy of the beat to his favor. Although this may go under the commercial radar, Dizzee’s “Fire In The Booth Freestyle” is one of the best appearances on the series to date. 

Quotable Lyrics
Fuck your raps, fuck your tracks
Fuck your plaque, fuck your numbers and your stacks
Uncle’s back, they can’t hold me back
Hold my hat, quick throwback, hold a slap
Holy crap what’s that?
Big chat got your Rolie clapped
You were fronting on the Gram like you own the app

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