Domani Drops Deluxe Edition Of "Time Will Tell"

Written by on August 30, 2020

Domani dropped the deluxe edition of his most recent album, Time Will Tell, earlier this week, featuring five new songs for fans to dive into.

The project now features “Daydream”, “Show Off,”  and a remastered version of “Used to Be.” Also included are new live versions of “One Day” and “The Truth.”

“I feel like an album is supposed to tell a story,” Domani told us back in June 2019. “It’s supposed to take you on a journey. You don’t want to go be over here for no reason. I like a good sequence.”

“In 2019 I put out my first album Time Will Tell and as time told I realized I had more to say,” Domani said, according to “I wanted the new music to come from a more mature state of mind so I fasted for 7 days to clear my mind to prepare for the project and reconnect with my fans”

Check out the project below.


“A Poem I Wrote”
“Time Will Tell”
“Voice Memos”
“I’m Not Ready”
“When Im Gone”
“Game We Play”
“Not A Rapper”
“Myself (ft. Ernestine)”
“Forever (ft. DaVionne)
“How It Feel”
“One Day”
“Real Life (ft. Kim & Lexi Alon)”
“Show Off”
“Daydream (ft. Rueben Vincent)”
“Used To Be [Remastered]”
“One Day (Live)”
“The Truth (Live)”

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