If you watch a lot of gaming streamers, you have probably heard of Dr. Disrespect. The man plays video games in a tactical vest, a black wig, and some very strong sunglasses. Typically, Dr. Disrespect is able to rake in thousands of viewers every stream and while his trash-talking is his selling point, he can certainly play at a high level when required. However, yesterday, Twitch perma-banned the streamer, seemingly without any warning.

ESports reporter Slasher was among the first to cover the ban, noting that this had nothing to do with a copyright strike and that it was very serious. Based on the tweets below, it seems as though more information will come out soon, although many are too shocked to come forward.

This news sent fans into a frenzy, with conspiracy theories flying around all over the internet. Perhaps the biggest theory floating around is that Dr. Disrespect is being accused of sexual misconduct. Throughout the past week, numerous streamers have been banned due to misconduct allegations, which is a big reason for the speculation among Dr. Disrespect’s fans.

At this point, it remains to be seen what truly happened. Information like this is bound to get out eventually, so stay tuned for any updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.