Exonerated 5’s Yusef Salaam To Run For New York City Council

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Yusef Salaam, one of “The Exonerated Five” who were wrongfully convicted in the infamous Central Park jogger case, is now venturing into the realm of politics. Salaam is pitching a run for District 9 City Council in his hometown of Harlem NYC, aiming to bring his unique perspective and firsthand experience to the table. However, despite his personal experience fighting for social justice, questions have arisen from critics about his ability to navigate the political landscape due to his lack of governing experience.

Yusef Salaam


Yusef Salaam says his decision to enter the political arena comes from a place of deep conviction. Having endured the pain of wrongful conviction and incarceration as one of the wrongfully accused rapists in the 1989 “Central Park 5” case, he believes it is crucial to have a voice in shaping policies and fighting for justice.   Now, as an award-winning motivational and transformational speaker, thought leader,  author and coach, Salaam is looking for a “seat at the table” in the community where he was victimized.

“What I faced may have been an extreme example, but there are countless young men in Harlem who have never been given an uplifting hand, Salaam says on his campaign website, Harlem for Yusef. Countless mothers praying their children come home. Countless families struggling to find ways to not only stay in their community, but find purpose and opportunities to thrive.”

The self-proclaimed “prison abolitionist” acknowledges his lack of professional experience but emphasizes his familiarity with the struggles faced by marginalized communities. His pitch resonates with the sentiment that his personal journey uniquely qualifies him to advocate for change.

Despite Salaam’s compelling story, some question his preparedness for the challenges of a political career. Notably, David Paterson, New York’s first black governor, raises doubts about Salaam’s ability to effectively serve as a City Council member.

“He’s got a story of victory over a horrible injustice years ago, and that’s compelling,” Patterson told The Gothamist. “However, he hasn’t lived here in a long period of time. And I haven’t heard a plan that he has to address the same issues that perhaps (candidates) Taylor and Dickens have been addressing over the past few years.”

Raising campaign funds has been an uphill battle for Salaam. While his personal story captures attention, he faces challenges from an established political machine to gain the financial support necessary for a successful campaign.  With limited resources, Salaam is relying upon the power of his message and the support of those who believe in his potential.

Alongside Raymond Santana, Korey Wise, Antron McCray, and Kevin Richardson, Salaam endured years of wrongful incarceration before their exoneration. Their story, initially labeled as the Central Park Five, shook the nation and exposed flaws in the justice system. Now known as “The Exonerated Five,” their collective experience informs Salaam’s pursuit of justice and reform and was documented in the Netflix miniseries, “When They See Us.”

Yusef Salaam’s foray into politics echoes the experiences of other individuals seeking to make a difference through public service. Former rapper Doitall’s successful election to the New Jersey City Council serves as a testament to the power of personal stories and community support.

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