The number of children that Fetty Wap reportedly has is six, but there could be more or less depending on who you ask. One of the mothers of his children, a woman named Lisa who goes by the moniker Turquoise Miami, has a bone to pick with the New Jersey rapper. Lisa and Fetty share a daughter that was born back in 2017, but she took to Instagram with allegations that the rapper hasn’t stepped up to the plate to handle his responsibilities as a father.

In the caption to a post that she later deleted, Lisa uploaded a flyer that showed Fetty would be making three appearances at nightclubs in Texas later this month. “YALL IM FINNA BOOK THIS FLIGHT SO I CAN PERSONALLY ASK THIS N*GGA WHEN HE PLANS TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT OR GET HIS DAUGHTER CAUST ITS BEEN TWO YEARS AND IM CURIOUS.”

After removing the post from her page, Lisa shared a few more thoughts on her Instagram Story for people who criticized her. “Y’all crabbin cause I said what I said ion give a f*ck,” she wrote. “Trust me nobody want him or even give a f*ck he not around. There are just times I’m invited to places I really want to go and when I think of the fact that I have nobody to watch her and I can’t even call this n*gga to watch his kid so I can go have a life it pisses me tf off every time I gotta say no so today I got fed up trust me I’m back to not givin a f*ck.”

She added, “I ain’t had a real break in 4 years and y’all mad at me cause I want a n*gga to get his child for one weekend in her almost 4 years of life well excuseeee the f*ck outta me.” After dropping four crying laughing emojis she ended her message by writing “f*ck y’all.” Check it out below.

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