As reigning President Donald Trump carries on with contending the results of the 2020 election, people who have personally interacted with the reality-star-turned-politician are continuing to come forward. Actress Holly Robinson Peete, known for her roles on shows like Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper and For Your Love, caught up with Urban View on SiriusXM radio where she discussed her time on The Celebrity Apprentice 3 back in 2010. It wasn’t a gig that she was attracted to and when producers called her with the opportunity, she told them she wasn’t interested in being “the next Omarosa” or “the mean Black lady.”

Mark Davis / Staff / Getty Images

It took a little convincing and Holly agreed to appear, more so because the funds were donated to charity. “It was a very interesting experience,” said Peete. She made it to the finale but didn’t end up winning even though she raised more money—$600K—than her opponent. “It was a trip and kinda messy and stuff but I found [Trump] to be kind of piggish and bullish and stuff, but who he is now, I did not see that.”

She believes the “power and corruption” changed Trump. “I don’t know who this guy is,” Peete added. “Shortly after the finale, rumors started going around that he had tossed out an n-word referring to me and I was like, huh? Then, the producer told me when it happened during the finale, I remember the moment. I wasn’t in earshot but I could see them deciding between me and Brett Micheals.”

During the “moment,” Holly said that the “producers were animated” and that was when Trump allegedly said “they want the n-word to win,” referring to the network. However, Trump wanted Brett Michaels. She believes that Trump “uses that language all the time” and decided not to even bring it up because “what difference is it gonna make?”

When Trump’s alleged racism was called into question, her friends who support the president were questioning her about whether or not it was really true. “This is where we are. You’re my friend and I’m telling you that he probably said this about me but you’re trying to qualify it,” Peete added. Watch the clip of her interview below.