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.tags Independent research is at the heart of each investment, forming a well-grounded thesis that looks out at least three years. Traditionally, the performance of independent research in the financial community has been a cottage industry composed of former sell-side analysts, academics, consultants, industry veterans and other experts in various fields of study.
Today’s business environment is becoming increasingly complex as the cloud changes the nature of customer relationships. Companies are trying to figure out how to take advantage of new sources of personalized data and customers are demanding customised interactions in real-time. Unfortunately, traditional predictive analytic tools and technologies require months to build the underlying models needed to create complex offers, decisions and policies.
Another concern about independent research is whether research companies will have the wherewithal to conduct first-rate research. Some firms have limited resources for conducting specialised research, also lack experience and expertise in the relevant industry.
According to an independent research reports, “Companies now feel the pressure to move beyond a Web-centric digital presence – they want to be present on social sites, develop mobile strategies, and launch coordinated multichannel marketing campaigns.
Of course, not all of independent research firms are truly independent. Many are funded by companies looking to promote its own products and company shares. Independent is not necessarily synonymous with great stock picking.
Who really are the best independent firms out there?
In recent years investment research has been produced by banks and investment houses which have conflicting interests between clients as investors and clients as investment targets. This creates problems for large institutional investors. They need independence and more focused investment research. The author argues that buying in independent research will increasingly be the solution to these problems.

Company EYE is a recognised corporate investor relations company, with clients all over the world. Known for its ability to help emerging growth companies build a following among retail and institutional investors, Company EYE utilises its stock newsletter to feature its daily stock picks, audio interviews, as well as its client’s financial news releases. Independent Research provides access to high-quality and truly independent analysis for the financial and business community. The analysis available covers companies, sectors, financial markets, asset allocation services, and macroeconomic research.
Through its investigation, they can more completely understand the forces that will determine an investment’s success. The company also offers individual investors with all the tools they need to make informed decisions about the stocks they are interested in.
The company website is designed to be a central information source for important company information. Its independent research reports reach millions of investors and help traders and day traders, stock traders, retail investors, and institutional investors.

In terms of the quality of its research reports, they acknowledged as The City’s Number 1 Independent Research firm. Company EYE also distribute other relevant material, create marketing campaigns for corporate products and services, act as consultants and provide customised reports for selected clients and institutions.
They provide customised services to institutions and corporations, including distribution and product marketing campaigns.
Company EYE reports are for general information purposes only. All information is not intended to be used as investment advice.
Through one easily accessible and searchable site you can obtain the research report for only 3.
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