New CD Distribution Channel For Independent Artists Announced

The music industry is changing again, specifically the way that consumers get their music. With CD sales slumping, vinyl record sales on the rise and MP3 music downloads now dominating the music landscape, a small Internet radio station is also changing the way that its artist’s music is being distributed.

I spoke with DJ Tom of www.ilike2rock.net about the new distribution service that the radio station is offering.

“With digital sales being the main online sales source for music, most independent artists turn to CDbaby or iTunes to sell their music,” explained DJ Tom. “What we are doing is making a move to ‘cut out the middleman’ so to speak, which will allow the independent artists to put more money in their own pockets, where it belongs.”

DJ Tom detailed some of the specific ways that iTunes and CDbaby operate:

“These companies rely on their own affiliates to promote the artists that they have and really don’t do anything to promote the artists. As an ex-affiliate for iTunes, I used to sell digital downloads for a five percent commission, so for a ninety-nine cent song that equates to a nickel. The artist in turn gets sixty-nine cents, leaving a twenty-five cent profit for iTunes, who are just an online warehouse cataloging music in hopes that their affiliates are successful in promoting them.

“CDbaby is a bit similar in that they are also a music warehouse that relies on other distributors, affiliates and the artists themselves to generate the sale while taking $ 4 for each CD sold to drop it in the mail. I can see artists with a CDBaby Logo on their website or MySpace page to buy their CD. If an artist wants to make $ 7 per CD sold, then the cost to the consumer is $ 11 through CDbaby. Why not just sell the CD directly using PayPal, add in their processing costs and sell it for $ 7.50? An independent artist will probably generate more sales at the lower cost.”

So, CDbaby and iTunes do nothing to promote the independent artists who sign on with them?

DJ Tom explained, “When you go to iTunes you see what is what may be ‘hot’, like American Idol or movie sales or highlights. Sure, that may be what is popular and selling at the time, but what are they really doing to promote the music for the independent artists they are supposed to represent? CDbaby does nothing more than create an online catalog of music, charging the artist a $ 35 set up fee and taking four dollars per sale on top of that.”

How does www.ilike2rock.net promote their independent artists?

“We feature artists on our homepage, add their music to our station play list, include their music in free podcasts, artist interviews, CD and music reviews and live radio shows along with other promotions, all to get the artist’s music out there in front of the public, which helps generate interest in their music and the band,” explained DJ Tom.

But here is the most exciting element to the music distribution channel that ilike2rock.net is instituting.

“What we are offering our artists is a CD distribution method where we would receive one dollar per sale plus credit card processing fees. This will allow the artists to lower the price on their CD for the consumer to benefit and also put more money in their own pockets, where it belongs. We are also offering MP3 sales at competitive industry rates directly from our site instead of an affiliate link that sends the consumer elsewhere to buy the music, then possibly having the sale fall through as an advertisement for a “Commercial” artist appears causing the buyer to become distracted and forget why they went there in the first place.”

So the bottom line is very simple. iLike2rock.net is making a move to undercut most independent music distributer’s prices and pass the savings along to the consumers, all the while putting more money into the pockets of the artists who actually created the music. The music landscape is changing again, this time for the benefit of the music consumer and the bands and artists who create the music. What a novel concept!

Author Robert Benson writes about rock/pop music, vinyl record collecting and operates http://www.collectingvinylrecords.com, where you can pick up a copy of his ebook called “The Fascinating Hobby Of Vinyl Record Collecting.” Try Robert’s new site http://www.bandt-shirts.net for classic t-shirts

Types of Djs and how to choose a professional one!!

There are a wide range of DJs who work all around the world and develop excellent music for the audience to relax and enjoy. Some companies also have inhouse DJs who are highly famous as they can create their own music and people have chosen their work. These DJs work in the different events and in clubs and entertain people during the private parties and occasions. They play a genre of music that is called house which was discovered in 80s and a blend of modern beats that are liked by the modern generation. The in-house DJs basically retain to make their own music and create a niche for themselves that is achieved after working for several years in the industry.

In the present time, Mobile DJs are also in vogue who have created a market for themselves and are getting popularity at the fast pace. The mobile DJs play music anywhere the customer wants. It may include independent parties, functions such as marriages, birthdays and school events. The in-house DJ and mobile DJ vary in terms of their devices. The former has the whole latest equipments present in their working station or studios, on the other hand, the equipments utilized by the mobile Djs are compact that do not cause any obstruction for them to move with the massive devices.

The mobile DJs are widely used in the wedding occasions that need experienced DJs more than anything else to make the wedding day a success. They gift the people to select their favourite songs. They work with the crowd and the respond accordingly and perfectly aware of the time when to slow and fasten the things. The wedding DJs introduce the couple on the stage and make toasts. They also have winning personalities and an easy teaser to put the most inhibited guests easily. So to find the best wedding DJs in San Francisco, you can use the following tips to make an easy research.

a. Begin soon, the best way to find the professional San Francisco Bay Area DJs for your wedding is to begin searching for them as soon as possible before they are booked by someone else.

b. Consult with those you are familiar. Did you attend any wedding reception recently? Here are more chances to find much about the DJ. Ask your friends and family who had lately a wedding function; if these DJs are already booked then there is more probability that they are expert ones.

c. Take a suggestion from the user-friendly websites that offers DJs in your location. The reputed websites offer all tools to enable you choose Djs in the different languages, music types, cost range, audience level and experience and more.

d. Choose to attend the event of selected DJs to easily evaluate their services. You can also consult the current publications and read the bridal and DJ magazines. You can also conduct an online research about DJs who you have chosen.

Once you have selected a professional DJ for your big day, it is ensured that you will have a great wedding.

the best way to find the professional San Francisco Bay Area DJs for your wedding is to begin searching for them as soon as possible before they are booked by someone else.

Wedding DJs Add The Final Detail In The Creation Of An Unforgettable Reception

For the most significant event in the lifetime of a couple, wedding DJs offer a means of ensuring that it will be remembered, by all who attend. The planning of such a celebration is hectic, at best, and can present numerous challenges to the person in charge of coordinating the details. Wedding DJs offer an alternative to the hassle of hiring a band, and they are usually the most affordable choice. A great way to be certain that there will be music to please all the guests, wedding DJs are clearly the preferred option, for countless receptions.

It is tempting to fantasize about an ensemble of live artists, but it is not always as sublime as one might dream. The cost of using a band of musicians and vocalists can be extravagant, adding another layer of stress, to the one who is responsible for coordinating the details. Wedding DJs do not incur an expense that is likely to cause anyone undue anguish. Also, because they require a modest amount of equipment, wedding DJs do not take up an inordinate amount of space. The fact that wedding DJs conserve both money and room, makes them indispensable, to their loyal supporters.

Another reason wedding DJs are favored for these events, is adaptability. Wedding DJs offer a lot of different styles of music, and they are able to come with something to please just about everyone in the crowd. While a harpist would certainly be adequate, for some of the adults, and a juggler would probably amuse the children, wedding DJs can produce songs that will satisfy the tastes of nearly all the guests.

Having a lot of varied music to pick from is vital, since the main objective of professional wedding DJs is to see that all the guests are moving about, with minimal opportunities to become bored and restless. Wedding DJs create a backdrop of laughter, dancing, and conversation. Loved ones will always remember the day with fondness, and will appreciate the way the occasion was managed. Rather than hoping to make a quick escape, as soon as the speeches are made, people will stay, and join in the merriment that the wedding DJs have made possible.

Naturally, when all are engaged and lively, and the wedding DJs are keeping things moving along smoothly, the newly betrothed can enjoy themselves, too, and are better able to relax. Secure in the fact that their wedding DJs will supply songs that they have chosen together, couples can take part in the festivities, and they can see that those on the guest list are being attended to. They may even find a moment or two to spend together, away from the crowd. Certainly, they will be able to share their first dance as husband and wife with each other, as well as with the onlookers, who have brought their best wishes for the pair.

In Conclusion

It seems quite clear, that once a time and date have been set, the option of wedding DJs as primary entertainment is a solid, cost-effective path to follow. Wedding DJs do not claim a lot of space that could be otherwise utilized, and this means that the well-wishers, rather than the ones who have been hired to amuse them, are at the forefront of the scene.

More importantly, wedding DJs can play material that will best accommodate the group, as a whole. The results will be a happier bride and groom, and a more satisfied crowd of well-wishers. Wedding DJs help to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Atlanta wedding DJs provide sparkle to the events at your wedding reception. Find Atlanta DJ services for hire by visiting the Internet website.

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