Jaylen Brown has been one of the most politically active players in the entire NBA and continues to speak out for what he believes in. You can’t help but admire his efforts, especially with everything going on in the world right now. As players settling into their NBA bubble surroundings, Brown is expected to deliver numerous political statements throughout the Boston Celtics’ run, and many fans are curious to see how they will be received.

Recently, Brown spoke on a different subject with John Karalis of MassLive. Many players have complained about their Orlando hotel room, but Brown is taking another approach. As he explained, many players grew up less fortunate and that these conditions shouldn’t be a shock. He also noted that the most important thing right now is being able to use their platforms for change.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Per Brown:

“We understand that the conditions might not be as normal as we’re used to. But no need to complain. I think all of us come from humble beginnings as is, so seeing the bigger picture while we’re down there to not only divert the attention to things that’s going on in the actual world, but come and use our platforms to make a big influence. I think that’s the big thing, but the basketball part is going to be easy for a lot of us. We just have to get comfortable slowly but surely.”

Needless to say, Brown will be among the most prominent NBA voices in Orlando, which can only be a good thing.