Joji Asks Himself "WHY AM I STILL IN LA?"

Written by on October 28, 2018

The seventh song off Joji’s solo debut BALLADS 1 covers similar ground to Kanye West‘s “No More Parties In LA.” The exigence of people congregating the two major hubs of New York City and Los Angeles can sometimes feel overwhelming, and perhaps unassailable if you tackle things head on.

Joji went to R&B prep school, so the immediate effect of “silence” isn’t lost on the listener. With guitar-driven production from the likes of Shlohmo & D33J on “WHY AM I STILL IN LA,” we have little reason to expect anything less than a bizarre outcome, and that’s exactly what happens. Bizarre so happens to be a desirable outcome in 2018, little do you know.

Since leaping to his feet, the 88rising member continues to experiment with different musical perspectives. Even on a track like “WHY AM I STILL IN LA,” where he laments his state of being, Joji’s humor shines through.

What do you make of Jojin ascension up the ranks? 

Quotable Lyrics:

Girl, you choke me sitting airtight (Airtight)
Ziploc right now
Will you let me win a fair fight?
Can’t think right now
I can’t lie, on my mind
I feel right, I feel right
I can’t lie, on my mind
I feel right.

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