With NBA players making their way to the Orlando bubble city, we are now seeing photos and clips of what some of the players are being subjected to. For the most part, these are some pretty nice hotels, with plenty of space for the players to do their thing and engage in extra-curricular activities such as video games. By now, every team has settled into their new living quarters, including the Los Angeles Lakers who arrived in Orlando yesterday.

The team’s latest acquisition, JR Smith, immediately took to IG Live as soon as he got settled in. Throughout his live session, Smith made note of some of the amenities, such as the food, candy, and space. For the most part, Smith didn’t have very nice things to say about the place, and it seems like either the league or his team took notice.

At one point during the live session, Smith received a message telling him to stop. “Aw man, they mad at me bro,” Smith said. “I’m gone. Just got the text. Exposing too much sh*t. Gotta go. My bad. My bad.” Clearly, the league doesn’t want the players going too hard on their new living space.

Another Lakers player, Rajon Rondo, also made note of his hotel room, comparing it to a Motel 6.