Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George continued his playoff struggles Sunday night against the Mavericks, shooting just 3/14 FGs during the overtime game. His teammate Kawhi Leonard spoke about Goerge’s shooting woes after the game.

Pool / Getty Images

“Just tell him to keep going,” Leonard said, when asked how he’s responded. “His time is coming.

“He had some easy looks tonight,” Leonard continued. “Everybody did, but it’s not his fault. We were up big in the second quarter and I think everybody has a part in winning the basketball game.”

Throughout the first four games of the Clippers’ series against the Dallas Mavericks, George has shot a total of 10/47 FGs, for just 34 PTS.

“If I make shots, this series could be a little different,” George said after the Clippers’ game four loss. “And that’s the obvious, of course. That’s what it just comes down to. But give them credit, they’re playing well, they’re defending, they’re shooting the ball, Luka is playing phenomenal — you gotta give credit where credit is due. But to be honest, in hindsight, if I shoot the ball better, this series would be a lot different.”

George’s next chance to pick things up will come in game five on Tuesday.