It’s not international siblings day but it may as well be since a new video shows the cutest love shared between brother and sister Saint and Chicago West. The compilation comes from Kim Kardashian‘s Instagram story that sees just how much her and Kanye West‘s middle child, two-year-old Saint, loves his younger sister, five-month-old Chicago. 

The three videos show Saint just kissing cute little Chicago endlessly – check it out below. 

Not too long ago Kim said she was very “conscious” of raising a mixed girl in the world, detailing how having Kanye’s family around is very importnt for her and her daughter.

“She’s obsessed with her curly hair, and if she finds someone who has the same hair, she runs to them and is like, “You have curly hair like me?” And we get to talk about it. We also talk about it with my niece Penelope, because she and North look really different, but they’re best friends and they’re together all the time,” she said.