King Vader Highlights The Importance Of Black Content Creation

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Content creator King Vader, known for his popular skits and short films, recently spoke out about the significance of Black content creation in an exclusive interview with SOHH at DreamCon. Held in Austin, Texas, DreamCon is a convention that celebrates both anime and gaming while also incorporating elements of black culture. During the interview, King Vader emphasized the importance of representation and inspiration for young aspiring content creators within the black community.


DreamCon, hosted by the popular social media group RDCWorld1, has gained recognition as a platform that showcases Black anime and gaming fans. The convention seamlessly combines anime and gaming culture with elements of Black pop culture, including trap music, hip-hop, and rap. 

This unique blend creates a space where Black content creators can shine and share their work with a diverse audience.

King Vader, who gained fame during the Vine era and has since built a strong presence across multiple platforms, has played various roles in his content creation journey, including acting, directing, writing, editing, and cinematography. In 2020, he partnered with Netflix to create the mini-series Dreams, where he cleverly incorporated his skits into a professionally-produced show.

During the exclusive press interview with SOHH, King Vader expressed his belief in the transformative power of Black representation in media. He acknowledged the impact of seeing a Black president and how it inspired young individuals who didn’t realize such achievements were possible: 

“For me, me specifically, I grew up in a see-it-to-believe-it type of world, you know what I’m saying?” King Vader continued, saying “It’s about what it says for people growing up who didn’t know this was possible. Like, how important it was when we saw a black president – regardless of what people felt about it, it’s about that little kid who didn’t know that was possible felt about it.”

For King Vader, it is essential to inspire the community’s youth by showcasing diverse and successful Black content creators. The content creator went on to highlight the importance of passionate creation that goes beyond mere shock value.

Instead of creating content for the sake of views and chaos, King Vader believes in creating meaningful projects that have the power to inspire others to pursue their own creative endeavors. He stated:

“That’s how I feel when it comes to creating something that you’re passionate about, cause it’s like, we could be out here creating nonsense, going to stores, jumping up [and] screaming the word.” Here Vader gestured like a Wakandian from Black Panther, then continued “..and landing and chaos and destruction for the views. But, when you’re out here creating something you’re passionate about, creating something that says something, creating something that inspires people to create themselves, then there’s a kid on the other side of that screen maybe getting inspired and maybe saying ‘I can too’.”

The emphasis on the significance of black content creation was evident throughout DreamCon, with multiple panels dedicated to exploring the unique experiences and challenges faced by black creators in the anime, gaming, and pop culture industries.

As the conversation around black content creation continues to grow, it is important to recognize and support Black media and lifestyle entrepreneurs making significant contributions.For Black History Month 2023, SOHH highlighted the top 10 Black media and lifestyle innovators everyone should know about. These entrepreneurs are breaking barriers and shaping the landscape of media, showcasing the power and diversity within black content creation.

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