Kodak Black Regrets Fake Percocet Lyric on ‘Super Gremlin’

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Kodak Black says he regrets his infamous fake Percocet lyric on “Super Gremlin.” He also admits he used to pop 100 pills per day.

Kodak Black Admits to Excessive Drug Use After Revealing Fake Percocet Line in “Super Gremlin” Isn’t True

On Friday (June 28), footage from a recent Kodak Black concert made its rounds across the internet. In the clip, the South Florida rhymer admits that a particularly popular line, “I knew the Perc was fake, but I still ate it,” from his 2022 platinum-certified smash, “Super Gremlin,” wasn’t based in truth. After expressing a sense of regret for delivering the lyric about eating a fake Percocet, he also reveals that at one point, he was abusing the prescription narcotic at a level that was more than excessive.

“It’s sad though, bruh, because it’s like, that sh*t… The bar came to mind so quick,” Yak explains in the video below regarding his line  which he spits on his hit song. “I’m like, ‘Damn, I don’t want to say this sh*t but I know this b**ch gon’ go in.’ But we ain’t gon’ play like that, bruh.”

Kodak then lets the crowd in on exactly how many pills he was taking at the peak of his Percocet usage. In the process, he admits that if the drugs he was taking were actually fake, he likely wouldn’t be around to tell his story. “When I was at my stage, I was chewing around a hundred Percs a day, bro. If I was f**kin’ with them fake sh*ts, bruh, I’d have been dead. I’m explaining myself now. I don’t want y’all to hear that, and take that, and feel like it’s OK to do that sh*t.”

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Kodak Black Appears to Be Cleaning Up a Bit Following Recent Legal Issues

Kodak Black’s public service announcement comes as he’s seemingly been cleaning up his act over the past few months. After charges stemming from a drug possession arrest this past December were completely dismissed in the spring, Yak hit up Instagram Live in April to tell fans how great he feels due to easing up on his Percocet habit.

“I remember a point of my life when I was chewing a lot of percs,” Yak explained at the time. “Bro, I’m proud of myself. I never been this happy in my life.”

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In the concert footage below, check out Kodak Black revealing that he regrets the fake Percocet line on “Super Gremlin” despite the song’s critical and commercial success.

Watch Kodak Black Admit He Regrets His Fake Percocet Lyric on “Super Gremlin” and That He Used to Pop 100 Per Day

Watch the Music Video for Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin”

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