At the top of the year, Kodak Black was able to forgo the remainder of his federal prison sentence after former POTUS Trump granted him, Lil Wayne, and more members of the hip-hop community clemency as one of his last acts in office. Since then, Kodak has already received lavish gifts from his famous friends, allegedly gotten engaged, and has also become the subject of some interesting clone rumors that have been circulating the internet.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for TIDAL

Fans have been speculating that the Pompano Beach native currently on social media is actually a clone, while the real Kodak remains in prison. While seemingly just harmless internet banter at first, Kodak took a moment to set the record straight while making a statement about how he cannot “be duplicated.”

“What you say? Why this don’t sound like Kodak? What the hell? So who I sound like? All this clone sh*t starting to make me mad now, know what I’m saying? See, back then, I was riding my other lil Benz whenever this lil clone sh*t came out, I wasn’t really tripping on it but yall blowing me now,” he addressed on Instagram live in response to a comment suggesting he was a clone and not the “real” Kodak. 

“How the f*ck it cant me be? A n*gga can’t motherf*cking duplicate this sh*t. All kinds of n*ggas be trying to imitate this sh*t, but they can’t duplicate this sh*t, I know these f*ck n*ggas ain’t saying that. They know that, that’s why they was mad when I came home all these n*ggas was scared!” Kodak explained to viewers during the Instagram live as many left laughing-emojis in the comment stream. 

“Scared for me to come home man gon’ try to pick up all the money, trying to visit everybody. Everybody could make money, everybody could do this sh*t I don’t give a f*ck bout you n*ggas. You know what I’m saying? Everybody can pop their lil sh*t,” he concluded before changing the subject. 

With the record now set straight, what did you make of the Kodak Black-clone rumors before? Drop a comment letting us know what you think.