There have been a few moments when fans believed that Summer Walker and her beau London On Da Track had broken up, but it seems that the industry couple were just having a lover’s quarrel. They’ve collaborated with each other in the studio and flaunted their love on social media, showing that the bond they have just might be unbreakable. Following one of their arguments, London flew across the country to surprise Summer in the middle of her performance, and he has recently cleared the air on rumors that he may have stepped out on his relationship.

Summer Walker shared a video of London driving around while listening to her music. “He’s so F I N E & supportive lol 🖤,” she wrote in the caption. London replied, “Stayed by my side like my road dawg 😁🐍💚.” An Instagram user tried to suggest that the producer knocked up another woman while with the singer. He quickly shot that down.

“Ain’t had no babies on my ol lady y’all need mind y’all business,” London penned to the fan. Then, he added a note about his kids. “My blessings came before my commitment.” The person may have been referring to the news that circulated last month stating that London was proven to be the child of a one-year-old. Check out the post below.