Margot Robbie has enjoyed quite a bit of success in the acting industry over the years and continues to shine in whatever role she is given. Most recently, Robbie starred as Harley Quinn in the DC film Birds of Prey. She is also known for various other roles that have been lauded by fans as simply fantastic. Her job in The Wolf Of Wall Street certainly comes to mind in this regard.

According to a new report, it seems as though Robbie will be given a brand new role that is certainly going to come with its fair share of critics. Many of you are aware of the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” series that used to star the likes of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Now, Robbie will become the star of the latest film that has been rumored for quite some time now.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

For fans of the original films, there is nothing to worry about. No, Robbie won’t be replacing Jack Sparrow. Instead, she will play a brand new character that will be the focus of the latest film. In fact, this character is set in the same universe as Sparrow which means this is not a reboot, but simply a new story in the Pirates of the Caribbean world.

There is no information as to when this new movie will come out although we will be sure to bring you the latest updates, so stay tuned.