NBA YoungBoy Checks The Melody On "Temporary Time"

Written by on October 26, 2018

In a sea of emerging rappers, NBA YoungBoy stands head and shoulders above the rest in several departments. Most blatantly is his melodic prowess. It’s not uncommon for the Baton Rouge rapper to showcase several different melodies in a single track, navigating the beat in a variety of engaging ways. His skill set is made all the more impressive given his age; YoungBoy, living up to his name, is only nineteen years old. Yet there exists in his words an authentic sense of world-weariness, surprising given the fact he can’t even legally drink in his hometown.

Prolific to his core, YoungBoy continues his generosity with “Temporary Time.” The new loosie finds NBA taking to an up-tempo beat, which seems to alternate between tones; is it a romantic declaration or an affirmation of dominance? Perhaps a hybrid, given the source. Yet “Temporary Time” feels rushed, and while a “raw” aesthetic can be a benefit, the track might have benefitted from additional polish. There are many great ideas at play here, but the overall package lacks the precision we’ve come to associate with Mr. Never Broke Again. 

Blemishes aside, “Temporary Time” is an enjoyable listen, and one his fans will no doubt appreciate. Check it out now. 

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