New Music Friday: Bebe Rexha delivers a straight-up therapybanger

Written by on July 4, 2018

Notes on this week’s new releases:

  • I’m A Mess is Bebe Rexha‘s best song since 2015’s I Don’t Wanna Grow Up EP. The pre-chorus is a blinder — “everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be okay, it’s gonna be a good, good life, that’s what my therapists say” — but it’s the verse two line “nobody shows up unless I’m paying” that really hits the life-as-a-popstar nail on the head. Justin Tranter pops up in the writing credits.
  • Baby Ariel‘s Gucci On My Body is like Charli XCX from another dimension. Credits on this one include Kloe and Lauren Aquilina, a really exciting and creative pop songwriting partnership that’ll likely be 2019’s Tranter & Michaels.
  • Dotter continues to be amazing.
  • Four Of Diamonds‘ Name On It is 7x better than any launch single for an 8th place X Factor 2016 girlband has any right to be. We had a chat with Sophia from the band, which you can read here.
  • In ‘fucking hell let’s have some attention to detail’ news, Rita Ora and pals’ Girls has been remixed by a man because apparently there aren’t any women capable of doing remixes.
  • Bottom of the pile this week is Maroon 5. They’ve covered a Bob Marley song.

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