His interviews have revealed much about artists that we all know and love, but DJ Vlad has recently been at the center of controversy. The creator of Vlad TV has recently taken some heavy hits from artists, most notably Royce Da 5’9″ who has verbally attacked the talk show host publicly. Months ago, Vlad shared a few words about Minister Louis Farrakhan, misquoting comments that Farrakhan said about Jewish people. Many artists have come forward against Vlad, and Nick Cannon, who has repeatedly appeared on Vlad TV, questions whether or not DJ Vlad is a Culture Vulture.

“Vlad took an interesting turn in 2020. Vlad got out of pocket a little bit, walked on some landmines and he misquoted,” said Cannon during a conversation with comedian Godfrey, who has also done a number of appearances on Vlad’s show. However, Godfrey disagreed. “It wasn’t a misquote. A misquote is when you take one little word and blah, blah blah. He straight f*ckin’ lied.”

Cannon added, “So, when we see a platform that we don’t own and someone’s monetizing, making money on, and then you don’t operate off of our code or what we see fit, we can’t f*ck with you… He saw us as commodities.” Nick Cannon questioned how Vlad is different than J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the FBI who targeted Black and Civil Rights Movement leaders. Check out the clip of Cannon and Godfrey’s conversation below.