NoCap Drops New Single "Stop Spinnin" From Behind Bars

Written by on March 6, 2020

NoCap may be locked up at the moment, but he’s not letting these circumstances stop him from releasing new music for his growing fanbase. The Alabama rapper dropped his latest single, “Stop Spinnin,” on Monday, and his fans were overjoyed. NoCap does not sugarcoat his situation on his new track, tackling everything from mourning all the friends he’s lost to his experiences behind bars. He comments on how unjust the system is, even calling out the judge who sentenced him for being racist.

NoCap was wanted by police back in September for his alleged involvement in a shooting in Alabama. He ended up turning himself in a week after the warrant was issued for his arrest. Though he was released in November, he was placed back in police custody in December shortly after. There is no word on when he will be getting out.

Quotable Lyrics

I cannot let the opps sleep, I kill the rest of them
Take a heart and I’ma stop one, you ever got a job done?
County jail, I’m givin’ time away
NoCap shouldn’t have did that, he should’ve let his homies do it
Stand on my own, just the way I was raised

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