The internet can be a place where you receive breaking news stories just moments after they occur, and it can be a place where fabricated information makes the rounds unchecked. At the moment, the devastating death of actor Chadwick Boseman continues to stun the world, and hundreds of thousands of people have sent messages of condolences, inspiration, admiration, and grief. In the midst of the global mourning of Black Panther‘s  T’Challa, news of another death began to circulate and Peter Gunz swooped in the deny the rumors.

Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

Someone, somewhere, spread the news that Peter’s son, rapper Cory Gunz, had been shot and killed. The information began to gain traction online, so before the gossip picked up steam, Peter Gunz took to his Instagram account to clear some things up. “Not sure who started the rumor but Cory is home safe and healthy and so am I,” he wrote.

On Twitter, Cory Gunz’s sister echoed Peter’s comment. “My oldest brother, Cory Gunz, is well and alive. Please please please DO NOT believe the misleading headlines and lies the media is currently broadcasting. Thank You!” We’re glad to hear the Cory Gunz is happy and healthy. Check out the messages below.