Presenting SEXENONONO — Girls Aloud vs Brian Eno in the ultimate concentration and productivity playlist

Written by on July 5, 2018

Fact 1: Concentrating and being productive is difficult when work is boring, or revision is boring, or everything is boring, and there’s social media that needs checking every three minutes.

Fact 2: In the 1980s a person called Francesco Cirillo invented The Pomodoro Technique: you’d set a timer for, say, 25 minutes, and work like a bastard until the alarm went off. You’d take a short break, then you’d set the timer again. Every four Pomodoros, you’d get a longer break. (These days you can get the Pomodoro Technique as an app or on a website.)

Fact 3: Girls Aloud are amazing.

Fact 4: So is Brian Eno.

Fact 5: So are Spotify playlists.


We’ve made this very simple.


If you think this is a gimmick, well, yes, but also you can fuck off because we’ve been working with a version of this since February and it actually works.

You are very welcome.

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