Pursuit of Happiness: Chow Lee and UNIIQU3 on How to Deal With Negativity

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Chow Lee

As a sexy drill ambassador, Hempstead, Long Island artist Chow Lee knows how to have a good time. But he also knows how to deal with the bad ones, too. Unsurprisingly, the remedy often involves the studio. Two weeks after dropping his playful Cash Cobain and Bay Swag-assisted new single, “act bad twin!,” Chow discusses his methods for maintaining his mental well-being.

Chow Lee: When I have any negative emotions the best outlet for me is to record and put what I’m feeling in my music. I usually tend to head to the studio. Even if the songs don’t get released I still tend to do that exercise. [To be more positive] I’ve been listening to more music. Listening to music outside of hip-hop really grounds me. I tend to listen to songs that have positive affirmations to repeat to myself. Right now I think I’m in a really good headspace. I feel like I’m in a position of receiving blessings constantly. Being focused on my mission and goals right now really keeps me in that space. The biggest advice I can give is to love yourself! It all starts from having a strong foundation of self and feeling comfortable with yourself. Being open to hearing the opinions of others and open yourself up to different perspectives. That was key to that journey in loving myself. The best advice I can give to my friends [going through mental health issues] is to TALK TO SOMEONE! I’m always here to listen to the people close to me but it’s important to talk to a professional.


\u200bPhoto by Artistland Studios.

Jersey Club DJ and artist UNIIQU3 says good mental health means protecting your energy.

Photo by Artistland Studios.

For years now, producer-dj-rapper-singer UNIIQU3 has helped propel Jersey Club further into the mainstream consciousness, with her remix of Tinashe’s “Nasty Girl” (“Match my Speed”) currently making waves in clubs and online. But on a personal level, being online all the time can take a toll on anyone’s mental wellbeing. Ahead of her performance at the ESSENCE Festival, she breaks down how she deals with the negativity.

UNIIQU3: I’ve been harassed online by other musicians, trolls and fake pages in the past, and at that time, it really stressed me out. It stressed me, my friends and my family out. It affected some work relationships, too. But having a life and voice for yourself outside of the internet is so important. Overtime, I’ve realized a lot of negativity online doesn’t matter because that energy isn’t physically present in my day to day. Just close the apps and live life. I don’t take a lot of things personally. People often project, so I’ve learned to protect my energy. Honestly, for once I’m truly at peace. I’m always pretty carefree. But I think peace is something I’ve been trying to experience for a while now dealing with this crazy and fast-paced industry on top of life’s curveballs. I’ve gained a lot of mental strength and wisdom over the years so things don’t deteriorate my spirit like they used to. I also learned to say NO when the work doesn’t align with my schedule. It’s important to acknowledge your emotions and honor that when dealing with negative situations. Don’t gaslight yourself and what you’re feeling. Take time to analyze the following: What happened? Why did it happen? It made you feel ____ way? Why do you feel that? Can you fix it? How? When? I think everyone has the answers within themselves, sometimes it’s just a matter of hearing yourself say it.

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