Pusha T is similar to his business partner, Kanye West, in the sense that he isn’t afraid of telling people what’s on his mind while being explicit about his perspective. However, the former Clipse rapper seems to hold nuance closer to heart than Yeezy does. When talking about his disagreement with parts of Kanye’s “free thought,” Pusha chooses his words carefully:”We spoke about insensitivity. The actual messaging. Where I felt he went wrong. You can’t even paraphrase about situations and issues that are so personal to people. When it comes to death and real-life people and persecution and things where families have been divided, you have to be more careful.”

This opinion comes after Ye caused a media storm from his comments on slavery being its victims’ own “choice.” He made other headlines when he sported Trump’s infamous MAGA hat, another move Pusha isn’t rocking with:“The Make America Great Again hat is this generation’s Ku Klux hood,” he opined. “When was America so great anyways? Name that time period?”

Kanye had a reason for his wearing the red apparel. In his mind, he was making a statement by initiating “an evolution, because there’s, even for me, I know so much more in the past three days because I’m getting this energy, positive or negative, agreeing with me, disagreeing with me… When I wear that hat, it’s a fight for equality.” Despite their disagreement in the political sphere, the partners continue to work together. Yeezy is already pushing Pusha to hop back into the studio for his next project.