In just a few days, we’ll be listening to Quavo‘s first official solo album. The Migos member has been looked at as the star of the group for years, making way for Offset to creep his way up, joining him at the top this year. Unfortunately, Takeoff‘s insane talents are still underrepresented in the mainstream but we all know just how good he actually is. Some were worried that Quavo’s solo project would mean bad things for the trio in the future, especially if it’s a commercial success. Thankfully, Q came through to calm us down, assuring his fans that his main focus will always be on the group.

During his interview with GQ, Quavo spoke on what the album’s sound would be like and why he’s releasing a project by himself. He spoke about how he’s enjoyed so many moments with Offset and Takeoff that this instance is one that will only add to their legacy as a whole. “I feel like with the boys, it’s bigger—super, super, super bigger moments,” he said. “If I make myself a great artist by doing this, it only makes our group super, super huge. It makes the demand even bigger and better, because then we’ll be able to do a Migos concert and solo tours all in one, and that’s my dream. My dream is to host a concert, but let the Migos headline it, and I open up. And each solo artist opens up for the Migos. Kind of like how Michael Jackson did the reunion [with the Jackson 5].”

The Migos have been such a successful group and they know it, referring to themselves as the “greatest of all time” yesterday. He also elaborated on the Drake x Migos collaborative mixtape he teased earlier, saying, “That will be a whole lotta bangers. I don’t even think we would play around and do regular music. We wouldn’t play. We will be just like a whole smash… because that’s how our tour is. It’s a club, from start to finish.”

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