Reason, Isaiah Rashad & JID Prove Lyrical Rap Is Far From "Extinct"

Written by on October 10, 2020

Reason’s long awaited debut on TDE New Beginnings is finally here and he’s delivering on the label’s reputation for quality rap.

The rapper links up with TDE labelmate Isaiah Rashad and ATL’s J.I.D for a classic-feeling spit through with that old school vibe.

Producer Devin Williams samples Metal Fingers’ (also known as MF DOOM) “Pennyroyal,” creating a smoky vibe for the three rappers to do their thing.

If you recognize the sample, it’s because Joey Bada$$ hopped on that beat on his debut tape 1999

All in all, it’s a formidable offering from Reason who came through with a solid album despite some problematic hiccups. 

Check out “Extinct” below, which is perfect for late night car rides or the first blunt of the day. Are you feeling the track’s cypher vibes? 

Quotable Lyrics

Leveling, young veteran, more lines than editors
Sh*t, why you think we Top Dawgs? N****s different
I been that n**** since Hov was Big Pimpin
Fly n****, ain’t no gravity, damn
Say something slick, we on your line like a family plan
I used to throw up gang signs out my granny new van
Just some young hood n****s with no guidance like Drake and Chris
My latest sh*t, make n****s elevate they pimp
My new chick always say she ain’t no basic b*tch
Well tell me why we always argue over basic sh*t?

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