SahBabii Drops Playful Sealike Album "Barnacles"

Written by on July 8, 2020

One of the most out-there artists of this generation, SahBabii has returned with his new creation, Barnacles.

The Squidtastic rapper is unlike anybody else on the scene, truly delivering an experience and a movement for his fans to get behind. At the end of the day, how many artists are modeling themselves after sea creatures? 

Following the theme, SahBabii has officially released his new album, which features sixteen songs. On the project, the rapper spits tons of questionable lines that will somehow remain stuck in your head. You may find yourself singing “We fucked giraffes and elephants” around the house. 

If you’re not familiar with SahBabii’s brand of playful music, this is a good project to get started with. Listen below.


1. Barnacles
2. Ready To Eat
3. Giraffes & Elephants
4. Racist
5. Pregnant
6. 100 Round Drum
7. Poppin Shit
8. Double Dick
9. Purple Umbrella
10. House Party (feat. T3)
11. Trapezoid
12. Geico
13. Tongue Demon
14. Soulja Slim
15. 711
16. Hey Mr.

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