Switching things up on the artistic front, Saweetie is making her Grown-ish debut. The “Tap In” rapper is excited to be sharing her acting talents with a viewing audience and the first look at her Grown-ish appearance has finally hit the internet. Saweetie portrays Indigo, a celebrity client who is known for her difficult personality and brash remarks. The Bay Area rapper sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss her character and admitted that now that she’s been bitten by the acting bug, she’s ready to tackle more on-screen roles.

“I think Indigo is just a little bit of a b*tch. She means well, but just sometimes she says the wrong things,” said Saweetie. “My favorite thing about [playing] Indigo was when both her and Yara were on the same page and having a good time. You can just see the love and excitement that Indigo has for [Zoey]. I think the dynamic is like a cool, bossy, sometimes mean big sister to Yara. She loves her, but she just has a hard time showing you.”

Saweetie added that actress Yara Shahidi, who portrays Zoey Johnson, would give her advice and offer help, even when the rapper messed up. “It’s always nice to work with someone who wants you to do as good as them,” Saweetie added in her praise for Yara. “What I will say is that she’s such a team player. She was like hyping me up and gave me the motivation, so it was fun to work with her.”

“I could definitely see myself having a show like that or just doing more guest-star roles, or even doing a movie,” she continued. “I think it’s art. It’s fun to step outside my comfort zone and [it] allows me to just explore my creative side.” Check out the preview of the midseason clip below. Grown-ish returns to Freeform TV on January 21.