While normally rappers are the ones name-dropping people in their songs, A$AP Rocky probably never expected this. During the impeachment hearings for the possibly least favorite President to ever exist (aka Donald Trump), U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland said A$AP Rocky’s name multiple times. Sondland recalled a July 26 phone conversation where rocky was discussed due to the Sweden incident where he was imprisoned. Sondland said, “It’s true that the president speaks loudly at times and it’s also true I think we primarily discussed ASAP Rocky.” He continued saying, “It’s true that the president likes to use colorful language. Anyone who has met with him for any reasonable amount of time knows this.” “Colorful”…what a diplomatic way of saying “unpresidential”.

Steven Lawton/Getty Images

Stephen Colbert, who always has a hilarious angle for everything, decided to chop up clips of Sondland speaking at the impeachment hearing with Rocky’s 2018 song “Praise The Lord (Da Shine)” featuring Skepta. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s video shows the stark contrast between the world of rap and politics, but yet they somehow still collide here. One has to wonder how Rocky feels about being a topic of discussion at an impeachment hearing. These hearings are historic, and now A$AP Rocky takes a spot in political history forever.