There isn’t a celebrity relationship that’s as confusing as Summer Walker and London On Da Track. One day they’re posting sultry selfies together. The next, they’re no longer together. But things changed last week when Walker revealed that she’s currently pregnant with London’s child. And while there was plenty of joy to come with the news, Summer Walker suggested that London had been cheating on her this whole time.

Summer’s rant could’ve done without bringing up the mother of London’s children but she did nonetheless. And of course, they didn’t receive this well. Eboni Ivori and Erica Racine went off on Summer Walker on Instagram after the singer spilled the tea on London’s relationship with his kids. Summer pretty much said that the relationship is non-existent.

“The story of the day is my ex has a side bitch who smiles in my face and be nosy every time she runs into me but I just found out… No wonder she be all in my business,” Racine wrote. “Don’t be fake to me boo, be fake to his girl cus I’m good.”

Though Erica appeared to find the humor in the situation, Eboni Ivori took issue with Walker claiming that she tried to force London to spend time with his children. “How the fuck yu tried to get him spend time w his kids but he didn’t wanna? But then double back and say his bitter baby moms wouldn’t hv it bc of yu!” she wrote on Instagram.

“Summer needs to keep whoever nose that is she got outta other folks business,” she concluded.