The start of a new year is always a great time to switch things up, and nothing marks a fresh beginning quite like a new hairstyle. For veteran rapper The Game, he decided to go with a fire new look for 2020 that’s, well, actual fire.

While his flaming hot haircut was met with many positive responses, the message of his post was a bit less cheerful. His caption reads, “All the shit I been through… it really amazes me that I’m still here,” followed by the #FlameGang hashtag to signify the new ‘do. While he’s notably been still mourning the loss of Nipsey Hussle — he’s been regularly making posts under the #MarathonMonday hashtag every week — it is worth noting that he’s wearing a pair of Lakers basketball shorts which is presumably in tribute to the tragic loss of basketball legend Kobe Bryant earlier this week. To echo some of the top commenters on his post, including Power actor Larenz Tate who wrote “Keep movin Boss!!! 🏁 continues,” we’re praying that the homie Jayceon keeps his head held high so we all can see his dope new haircut even better.

In other news, take a look below to see how The Game’s Born 2 Rap Tour is going so far: