TiaCorine Takes The Stage At DreamCon 2023

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TiaCorine, the multitalented artist known for her unique blend of anime-inspired trap music, graced the stage at DreamCon 2023. The second day of the convention featured a panel on Trap Music Anime, where the rising rapper, along with Cookiee Kawaii, Kiko Blac, and Animerenee, took center stage to discuss female representation in the rap game. 



During the panel, TiaCorine and her fellow artists emphasized the significance of the current moment for female rap artists. They acknowledged the increasing comfort and confidence female rappers feel in expressing themselves, as social media platforms like TikTok provide a platform for women to pave their way in the rap industry. 

The artists emphasized that the time for female rap artists is now and urged more women to seize the opportunity. The “Freaky T” rapper shared some advantages she experienced as a female rap artist, during the panel she stated:

“Free shit. Ima keep it real. I mean you know beats, it’s easier to get beats cleared. I get, offered studio sessions.” 

Later, during a Q&A session, SOHH had the chance to ask TiaCorine about her recent collaboration with Latto on the “Freaky T” remix. Tia spoke warmly about her experience working with Latto, sharing:

“Oh my Gosh, she is really sweet, she is really sweet and supportive. Like I did not ask her to promote not a damn thing. And she went every day, she was posting her own stuff commenting under my stuff. Reposting, posting her own things. I mean you know she planned the whole Coachella thing out, she’s like I wanna bring you up, and I mean, I was just with her again, she’s really sweet, like I really fuck with her then she shouted me out for the BET awards. Like that’s. I really like her. Like I wish nothing but the best for that girl. She’s sweet.” 

The Winston-Salem native has been gaining significant recognition for the song “Freaky T.” With a diverse background and a passion for music from an early age, the rising star’s journey has been remarkable. 

TiaCorine’s career is on a meteoric rise, from viral hits to collaborations with industry stars and an upcoming performance at Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival.

With her latest track, “Freaky T,” Tia Corine continues to impress, displaying her fiery flow and iconic 90s, BAPS-inspired look in the music video. Fans are eagerly awaiting more from this rising star.

In a world where viral sensations dominate social media platforms, TiaCorine isn’t the only rising star gaining attention. Rap duo FlyanaBoss, has caught the world’s attention with their infectious song “You Wish.” The TikTok-driven #FlyanaBossChallenge has garnered immense popularity, even attracting the notice of celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and Megan Thee Stallion.

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