A very misleading press release was sent out this week, implying that Too $hort, Claudia Jordan, and a list of other rappers and Black celebrities were pro-Trump. It turns out that the press release was nothing more than fake news though, as Trump would say, and Jordan and Short are debunking it for us all.

The press release stated that a “prominent group of African-American actors and entertainers” were invited to the White House in December to discuss Trump’s platinum plan for Black Americans, communicating that a select bunch of people that participated in Trump vs. Hollywood, an upcoming documentary with Eric B., Isaiah Washington, Money-B, and more, would be in attendance. 

According to Too $hort and Claudia Jordan, who were named on the list, they are not pro-Trump and have never supported the President.

The two hopped on Live to discuss the press release, which reads as though all of the people involved in Daphne Barak’s Trump Vs. Hollywood documentary were endorsing Trump. They both said that were asked to do an interview for the doc, which they agreed to, but that they under the impression the interview would give both sides of the political spectrum. 

During the call, Too $hort says that he’s about to go vote, clarifying that he will not cast a vote for Trump.

Short also said that, in the last few days, he received a call from Trump’s team with an offer to fly him out to a rally to make an appearance. That echoes what Rich The Kid has been saying.

Don’t forget to go vote today if you haven’t already.