When starting out as a Trance DJ the first thing you need to do is build up your confidence performing. You need to ensure you can DJ well and know your Trance tunes inside – or as well as possible. This will ensure you create smooth mixes with fewer hiccups.

Getting the confidence performing in public can only really been done by going out there and doing it – getting DJ gigs. But it’s not always easy when you’re just starting out – who wants to book an ‘unknown’?

Well, you can start by playing house parties or friend’s birthday bashes. This will help build up your confidence in DJing in front of a crowd, although playing on front of friends is much easier than playing in front of a load of party-goers, but it’s a great start.

A good friend of mine who is a local Trance DJ says, “My first few gigs came through college. I was on a music course where I learned to develop my existing skills as a DJ and was getting a few gigs through that as they went through event promotion and how to put on gigs. They held events at some very large and respectable local venues and I was picked to perform at some of them which was a great experience. I learned to play to crowds of people of all backgrounds and musical abilities – which was quite stressful but I came out on top.”

As part of the same course he also went into setting up and promoting his own local club nights and events which would enable him to perform his selection of Trance music in front of smaller crowds of willing clubbers.

This is a great way of getting DJ gigs for yourself to get you used to playing in front of clubbers and also testing which tracks work well in front of different crowds and how to manipulate the crowd with your music.

Get some of your fellow DJ friends to join in with the promotion and offer them a free gig or invite other DJs or Trance producers to the gig for support – you don’t have to do this alone. You’d be surprised how many will be willing to support you, especially if you buy them a drink.

So, if you are at the beginning of your DJ career and are looking to get yourself established as a Trance DJ there are a couple of ideas you can use to get yourself going. Who knows what might come of it? Who might hear you and book you for another gig? Once you get yourself onto the scene the world is your oyster.